TwentyFiveZeroTwo is a journey. In 2011 I took my first Rocket Yoga class, 2502 days later It finally made sense. Every day, every class, all the hard work finally paid off. Regardless of whether its one day or 2502 we will help you find your path, where ever it leads you.

Images by the amazing Dominque Fierro

Kegan Smith, aka TwentyFiveZeroTwo

Kegan came to yoga through DVDs and a living room floor at the age of 14. After years of sporadic practice Kegan finally went to a “real” class. Shortly after that, yoga became a part of daily life and a journey of experimentation, taking classes with different yoga teachers and styles. After graduating from his training program, he was inspired to switch his academic studies from the fine arts to health. He holds a MS in Health Promotion management from American University and is a Certified Health Education Specialist.

Kegan believes in a freeing-functioning form of wellness that encourages individuals to make the decisions that are doable, enjoyable and relevant to the individual, not some norm that matches no one. 

Yoga has helped Kegan to transform physically on the mat and also transform off the mat. Yoga provided a safe-space to explore their body with out the fear of a locker room or gender oppression. Kegan believes in cultivating safe spaces for the GSRD (Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversities) community.

Kegan is grateful to his many teachers on and off the mat.  Natasha Hennessy, Jen O'Sullivan and Kathy Judd who introduced him to teaching yoga. Vivienne Bell for introducing me to Rocket. Steven Scott Pyka of AstaYoga for teaching me that you can be laid back and still want to a handstand. Jonathan Ewing who has helped to guide and cultivate my practice as a yogi on the mat but also as a human off the mat.  Lastly to the amazing Dominique Fierro who took the beautiful photos for this site and with her reminder that "Fear is the c*!kblocker of success"